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I met Hunter in a boutique on Rodeo Drive on our last LA trip. We started talking about music and it turned out he was a singer songwriter. A musician from the age of 5, Hunter writes and performs melodious, relaxed songs about love, heartbreak and everything in between. He’s performed in LA clubs including The Troubadour which is just soo cool.

Hi take on American style ‘folk’ music is perfect for a summer chill out session. ‘Make Me Better’ is labeled as ‘rough’ on his Soundcloud upload, but there is nothing rough about it. I just love this song.

Some of his songs, like ‘Been here before’ almost feel like a stripped down version of Donovan Frankenreiter or Jack Johnson without all the surf nonsense.

You can find more tracks from Hunter MacDonald on his Soundcloud page or find out more about him on his own site.


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