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Roof Deck Selfridges

The roof deck Selfridges is home to a marvelous restaurant that not many people know about. This hidden gem offers, as you’ve guessed, a rooftop dining experience with vast views of the Big Smoke’s ever-developing skyline.

Up, Up, Up We Go To The Roof Deck Selfridges

On the ‘top deck’ (roof) of Selfridges, one of the London’s most iconic department stores, you will find The Roof Deck. Open during the summer months; this restaurant offers California style dining in the heart of London.

Once you navigate through the perfume counters of the ground floor, you come upon just one elevator with a sole destination – the roof!

As you step out the top, you are immediately greeted by neon signs, a propped up surfboard and photography of California landscapes. The dark corridor leads us to the reception desk and behind it, the bar and restaurant.

We chose to eat outside which wasn’t as risky as it sounds! A large awning meant we were in the fresh air with a view of the sky without getting wet.

Time To Dine

The food had a Californian flair with a hint of South American influence. We opted for some Nacho/Avocado combination before tucking into a delicious coal grilled burger and charred monkfish.

Dining at the Roof Deck Restaurant

Our waiter was decidedly more European than Californian but added to the International feel of the place!

As we dined looking out across the London rooftops, a tanned couple sitting across from us, caught our eye. They were like something out of a Slim Aarons photograph. All white teeth and perfect hair. They must have been in their sixties or seventies, and we weren’t sure if they were just enjoying eating out, or if they were actors to add a hint of California charm to the place. It certainly worked!

The Roof Deck Selfridges still take bookings through November, but I am not sure you’ll be sitting outside as the temperature drops!

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