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Did you know that a hotel can have a signature smell? The JW Marriot definitely does.

What Is The JW Marriot Signature Scent?

I walked into the Corner bar at the JW Marriott in Austin Texas and was immediately hit by this sweet smell. It provoked an instant and positive reaction, triggering a memory of happy times with my girls at the JW Marriott in Palm Springs for the Desert Trip concerts back in 2016. In fact, the memory was so strong that I grabbed my ‘phone and texted the girls, to say I was thinking about our great trip to the Desert.

The Corner Bar became a regular haunt for my time in SXSW and even before you got into the bar, you could smell this sweetness wafting onto the sidewalk. I have to admit walking past a few times just to grab a sniff of that gorgeous scent.

I mentioned the scent, and the positive associations whilst chatting to a Hotel Marketing Expert at the bar she explained that hotels do have their own signature scents. In this case the sweet JW smell is something you will find in all their hotels.

I know how powerful a smell can be, but I’d never associated it with branding. It clearly works as the overwhelming sense I associated with the smell was happiness and fond memories. What I also learned, is that you can take home the JW scent.

From stays in previous hotels, I know you can buy the hotel signature bedding or bath robes, but a hotel smell? That was new.

You can buy the JW scent here. It can be in diffuser or candle version. This is how they describe it, “This aromatic blend features notes of sweet cyclamen, citrus medley, and a touch of warm amber. Revive your senses and recharge your space.”

JW Marriott Smell

That’s great, but I don’t want to buy it.

The smell of JW is the smell of relaxation, of happiness and of someone else looking after you. I don’t want to take that home, I want to come back to it the next time I stay at a JW Marriott!

Mihai Stefan


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