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Barrington Watch Winder Omega

I wear an Apple Watch most days, which means my nice automatic watch is not getting worn. But like an Apple Watch, my Speedmaster needs to be ‘charged’. I like to have the watch by my bed, but a traditional watch winder is just too cumbersome and ugly to warrant such a prime space. However, the team at Barrington Watch Winders may have found the ideal solution.

The company was founded in 2009 to fit a gap in the market between cheap looking winders found on auction sites or ‘old school’ (and potentially expensive) watch winders that look more like vintage furniture than a modern design piece.

Barrington Watch Winder Omega

Put simply, the Barrington Watch Winder makes your watch the star attraction, complementing your timepiece with a modern and practical mount.

Key Features:

  • Compact Size
  • Modern Design
  • Stunning Colours
  • Quiet Movement
  • Multiple Movement Settings for different watches
  • Access to free watch movement database
  • Battery Powered option

The winder size is compact, about the length of an iPhone X, slightly shorter in height and width. It is compact enough to sit by your bedside or in a hotel safe (I checked in the St. James Club).

The casing doesn’t feel plasticy (I’m not sure what it is made of) and comes in a wide variety of cool colours Black, Green, White, Blue, Grey, Yellow and my favourite the Burnt Amber. If you want a more classic look you can choose Rose Wood and Ebony which cost a little bit more. I’m a fan of Orange so the burnt Amber was my choice. This bold colour, supporting a silver watch would be a real statement piece. If anything was going to scream, “Look at my watch” this combination was it.

Barrington Watch Winders Colour Options

Setting up the watch winder was super easy. Simply unbox, plug in (or add batteries) and attach your watch. You ‘squeeze’ the little ears to remove the cushion, fit your watch onto the cushion as you would to your wrist and ‘pinch’ it back in.

Barrington Watch Cushions

The cushion can be ordered in a standard size or a smaller size for people with slender wrists. Barrington say that 70% of their orders are for the standard size (19 to 24 cm circumference) which is useful as I’ve never measured by wrist! (Have you?)

The winder has also been designed to handle different watch types and weights. I have learnt that the size and weight of your watch will define how it needs to be wound, so an Omega Speedmaster will need different settings to an IWC PORTUGIESER . The watch style will also define how many turns per day it is needed.

The Barrington winder offers three movements – clockwise, counter-clockwise and back & forth (my technical term).

The free watch winder database which will tell you the settings needed for your watch. Simply enter your watch make and brand to get the right details. Clear knobs on the back of the winder make it easy to choose the right settings.

You can choose to power the watch winder from the supplied plug, or from two AA batteries, which are not supplied. The battery option is a great idea if you want to travel with it, and for putting your watch and winder into the safe.

Barrington Watch Winder Back

I’ve had my watch winding for a week now. As I write, the winder is pausing between turns to ensure my watch does not get overwound.

The super quiet Japanese motor means you will only hear a gentle whirr as the winder turns. A small green LED light indicates movement.

I could easily see future winder purchases. Their innovative power connection means you can daisy chain multiple watch winders together, using only one plug. Alternatively, you could be purchasing different designs for different rooms, watches or a swanky bachelor pad.

There are always opportunities for improvement. The plain box wrapping was a little underwhelming, the drawstring bag felt cheap. Whilst these don’t affect the overall quality of the watch winder, I felt it did lose a little of the overall wow factor.

The motor is quiet enough, but I would prefer the option to turn off the LED. It is for this reason alone that I would not keep the Barrington Watch Winder on my bedside, but I will display it prominently in my office.

Click here to view the full range of Barrington Watch Winders.


This watch winder was gifted by Barrington Watch Winders in return for a review. The opinion expressed in this article represent my genuine views and are not influenced by the providing company.


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