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Run Fat Boy Run

This year I started running. It may not seem much but for me, that’s a big statement. For the past however many years I have always told myself I can’t run. I am too flat footed, too heavy or any other reason I could find.

But about 6 months ago I started running. And I love it!

I don’t claim to be fast and certainly not elegant, but I am enjoying the experience and the benefits.

To begin with, I ran along the sea front at Felixstowe. It’s a short drive from home but it gave me a flat distance to run with a few obvious markers to be begin with. I started by running from the the sea wall to the pier (about a mile.) Then from the pier to the other end of the promenade (another mile) and then back. In quick succession I was suddenly running 4 miles at a time. My current record is just under 6 miles which I plan to extend and see how far I can run.

I took the decision to run without music. I love music but felt I would spend more time wrestling with the headphones or picking the right track, which would get in the way of running. The lack of soundtrack also helps clear my mind which is no bad thing.

And so my life has changed somewhat. I have lost weight, my mind is clearer and I get excited about trainers. On a recent trip to London, I was excited about visiting Nike Town and buying some bright trainers – an experience that surprised even me. I have even been trying out some wool trainers from an Austrian company Giesswein.

The wool trainers are claimed to be lighter and more eco friendly than traditional trainers. I am not qualified enough to tell you if they make me run faster but they feel and look good, which is a start.

I am also combining running with travelling. In the summer I ran the Promenade Des Anglais, in Nice and I’m just back from running in Victoria Park and the Royal Crescent in Bath. I plan to run in Cardiff’s beautiful Bute Park this autumn. I’d also like to run in more iconic locations – Central Park and along the Seine are current targets.

So there you have it. I can now add ‘runner’ to my list of hobbies. I’m not ready to tackle a marathon, or even a half marathon but the idea of running through New Yorks’ Five Boroughs


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