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Achtung Baby – U2 dream it all up again

U2’s “Achtung Baby” album, released in 1991, marked a significant change in the band’s sound and style, incorporating elements of industrial rock, dance, and electronic music. The album’s experimental approach was a critical and commercial success, solidifying U2’s place as one of the most important and innovative bands of their time.

Truelove’s Gutter

Richard Hawley’s album “Truelove’s Gutter,” released in 2009, is a haunting and atmospheric work that showcases the British singer-songwriter’s distinctive voice and guitar playing. The album’s dark and introspective themes, as well as its lush orchestral arrangements, have earned it critical acclaim as one of Hawley’s best works.

Song for Guy

“Song for Guy” is an instrumental piano piece by Elton John, released on his 1978 album “A Single Man.” The song was written as a tribute to a messenger for John’s music publisher who was killed in a motorcycle accident. It was a rare hit without Bernie writing the lyrics.