Hello, and thank you for visiting. I set up this blog back in 2016 to share my passions of travelling, eating good food and loving music. There is no set pattern to my posting or general theme as I have more ideas than time to write. Music is a constant in my life, and I am always on the hunt for new music and I love digging into the stories behind the songs. Most of musical tastes are older, like the Police, the Eagles, Pink Floyd and U2 but that doesn’t stop me from listening to ‘new’ bands like Inhaler.

I love travelling and I am equally happy in seeing far flung destinations, like a cruise around Japan or Alaska as I am visiting around the UK. My favourite hotel remains Le Negresco and I will never turn down a long weekend in Nice.

As my writing evolves, I hope to inspire you to new places and new ideas and to take inspiration from your ideas.

Jay sitting at Jimi Hendrix House, London 2023

You can find me intermittently on socials including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – do come and say Hi!

(that’s me trying to look cool at Jimi Hendrix’s house in London – Spring 2023.)

September 2023