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A boy listens to the radio by candelight

On overcast days, when the sky is gray and the air is cool, there’s nothing quite like a great playlist to lift my mood and warm my heart. As someone who is deeply passionate about music, I know firsthand how it can evoke emotions and memories, and the right songs can transport me to another time and place, making even the dreariest day seem a little brighter.

When it comes to creating the perfect playlist for overcast days, there are a few key ingredients that I keep in mind. First and foremost, I want to choose songs that have a mellow, introspective vibe, with lyrics that reflect the mood of the day. I look for somber melodies, soft vocals, and thoughtful lyrics that evoke a sense of nostalgia or longing.

There are entire albums that, for me, fit this time of year. Sometimes those albums are associated with the first time I heard them – like U2’s Achtung Baby or Bjork’s Debut. Others because they just feel or reference autumn – Neil Young’s Harvest Moon or The eponymous album from the North Sea Radio Orchestra.

I guess this selection of tracks brings together a feeling that works for an overcast day.

Of course, my playlist is personal to me, and the songs that resonate with me may be different from those that work for someone else. The key is to choose songs that speak to me on an emotional level and make me feel good, even on a gloomy day.

In the end, a great playlist can be like a warm hug on an overcast day, reminding me that even when the world seems grey and dull, there’s always beauty and joy to be found in the music that surrounds me. So, next time the weather has got me down, I put on some of my favourite tunes and let the music transport me to a brighter, more hopeful place.


I am Jay, the founder of Wine, Travel and Song. UK based, I set this blog up in 2016 to share my passion for food & drink, travel and music - Wine, Travel & Song. In these posts I share some of my passions in the hope that it may inspire you to go there, eat that or listen to this. In return I hope you will comment and share recommendations of where to go, what to eat and what to listen to!