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The Garden at Second House Montauk

On the Montauk HIghway, across from the condos sits the Second House. The oldest structure in Montauk, Long Island.

Montauk sits at the tip of Long Island in the area most commonly known as the Hamptons. The area is now known for its beautiful beaches and celebrity sightings, Montauk originally belonged to the Indian Algonquian tribe when European settlers arrived in the 1600s. (read more about the Montauk history.)

Second house was built in 1746, at a time when Montauk was used primarily as grazing pastures and 30 years before the signing of the declaration of independence.

After the Indians, came the shepherds. In the year 1701, four white shepherds tended the large number of cattle, sheep and horses belonging to East Hampton and neighboring towns. First, Second and Third Houses were built on Montauk for the use of these shepherds, who were called Keepers.

“Second House: the House with the Interesting Story”
Excerpt from article by Mrs. James Tyson (Caroline Kennedy) 1930 “Montauk Light” (borrowed from Montauk Historical Society.)

Second house is named simply because it was the second house to be built on the plot.

The house now stands as a museum open to visitors showing the house as it would have been furnished back in the day.

What you see is a charming small house, furnished comfortably but simply. A place that looks charming in the sunshine but no doubt would have been cold in the winters as the wind whipped across the fields from the sea.

Most visitors to Montauk would drive straight past this little house and not realise it is here. Even on TripAdvisor, Second House only ranks #21 of 42 things to do in Montauk!

I heartily recommend a short visit to this charming house.



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