Unleashing Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’: A Timeless Classic That Still Bares Its Teeth Today

Battersea Power Station remains one of the most recognisable of London’s Music Landmarks.

Animals 2018

The much delayed 2018 remix came out in 2022 offers much greater contrast for the instruments. The overall sound is sharper and clearer and you can hear far more subtlety in Nick Mason’s incredible drumming.

It is rare for me to truly find a difference in these modern remixes but this version of Animals definitely improves the listening of this classic album.

Battersea Power Station Lights Up for Animals 2022

For an album that is so closely linked with a location, it was only fitting that the album relaunch included the power station, but from a different location. On a cold clear night in September 2022, the station’s iconic chimneys were lit up to celebrate the release.

Animals 2022 launch at Battersea Power Station
Battersea Power Station lit up for the 2022 Release

Where was the cover for animals 2018 photographed?
We all know the original Animals cover showed Battersea Power Station from a distance. But for the remastered version there is a new photo, showing the power station beneath a pile of cranes. I set out to discover where it was photographed, and get my own snap!

45 years after it’s release, Pink Floyd’s Animals remains as fresh, as clear and as relevant than ever before. it is an album I play regularly, still finding inspiration from every track.