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JW Marriott Desert Springs

We hadn’t planned to stay at the JW Marriott Palm Springs. In fact, we hadn’t really planned where to stay at all! On the night we got Desert Trip tickets we knew a hotel had to be booked immediately. Having never been to Palm Springs we didn’t have a strong opinion so reviewed a collection of suggested hotels and picked this, the JW Marriott Desert Springs.

6 months later… As we rolled up to the hotel, our Tesla driver said we’d picked the best hotel in the area. Did we? That was lucky!

Arriving At The JW Marriott Palm Springs Hotel

Arriving at the hotel, we came up this drive surrounded on both sides with lush golf courses and flamingo filled, lakes topped with Palm Trees. We’d left an unseasonably cool LA and stepped out into the wonderful dry heat of Palm Springs.

Flamingos at Marriott Palm Springs

Walking into the lobby, we realized this place was huge. The reception area alone is big enough to hold a Starbucks, sushi bar, and a full-on landing stage for their lake (with boats docking inside the hotel). This isn’t Las Vegas huge and impersonal, but grand and welcoming.

The lobby. Marriott Palm Springs

What Were Our Rooms Like?

We had opted for a pair of rooms in the main hotel complex instead of the villas that were dotted all around the grounds.

Both rooms were very big but defined as ‘normal’ by hotel standards. We had two double beds in each space for a small seating area (sofa, table & chairs) a suitable writing desk and a small balcony overlooking the pool & the mountains. A large bathroom and huge walk-in closet meant we could have shared one room between three if we’d known.

View from the Balcony Marriott Palm Springs
Our view from the balcony as the sun came up…

Decent wifi and a large TV with Netflix could keep us entertained if we ever got bored, which we didn’t but it went down well with the teenager! The thick walls and distance from the door meant our rooms were super quiet and comfy beds meant we could shake off the jetlag in comfort.

Watching the light hit the mountains in the morning and come across the property was mesmerising. If you have ever been to the South of France, you’ll know the light there is something different and this was the same. The sunshine was bright and the sunrises and sunsets ranged from brown to purple bathing the distant mountains in wonderful shades.