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Man cycling past a river with snow capped mountains

I am not sure that the words Luxury and Cycling go together but I may be in a minority. However, I was pleased to share my experiences from Skagway, Alaska with the team from Azamara.

With their fleet of 3 ships, Azamar claim to be the World’s top up-market cruise line. These smaller ships offer enough space for relaxation, offering unrivalled service and experiences.

Like Crystal Cruises, Azamara a range of travel experiences, including these luxury cycling cruises. You can choose the destination and the type of cycling tour you want to enjoy. For example, the Alaska Cycling Tour includes a three hour downhill bike ride 15 miles from the summit of White Pass down to the sea. I took the White Pass railway whilst in Skagway so I can vouch for the scenery, if not the pedalling!

Cycling fans should check out the best cycling excursions post to hear what other bloggers share shared about their travel experiences. Ben from Driftwood Journals highlights the appeal of Valencia, “As the 18 bridges that arch their way over the park hint, the park traces the route of the old Túria River, all the way from the city down to the glorious beaches.”

I am a little rusty in the saddle but do enjoy cycling. We cycled around Stanley Park on our pre-cruise break in Vancouver Canada. Check out Azamara to learn more about the Cruise line and excursions.


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