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The Salon at Chevre D'or Nice

Perched on the very edge of Eze Village is the famous Chateau Chevre d’Or. Before last summer, dining at Les Ramparts is one of the very best experiences to be had on the Cote D’Azur. That was until we got to stay for a few nights last summer.

One of the most prestigious hotels on the French Riviera, Chateau Chevre d’Or is a historic luxury hotel located in the medieval village of Eze on the French Riviera. The origins of the hotel can be traced back to the 1950s, when a group of artists and intellectuals, including Jean Cocteau, discovered the abandoned ruins of a 14th-century chateau in the village and decided to restore it.

Today it is one of two spectacular hotels in the ancient village of Eze.

The hotel has a number of gorgeous rooms with views out across the gorgeous bay, down towards Eze village (where Bono and U2 live) and across towards Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

Since it was a momentous occasion, we decided to unleash our inner rock stars and go all out by booking the most lavish suite in the entire hotel. One of those times where you take a sharp intake of breath when you hit the booking button, but never regret after the stay.

The Chêvre D’or Panorma

The Panoramic Suite live up to its name, with uninterrupted views across the bay. The suite consisted of one massive bed, with views, a full closet for madame and a full closet for monsieur – a true luxury indeed! The living space offered comfy chairs and sofa to lounge on whilst you could have just stayed in the bathroom it was so big!

In any other place, a gold bath would come across as garish and over-the-top, but not here! The glimmering gold finish caught the sunlight in the most enchanting way, intensifying the already impressive factor of the bathroom, complete with not one, but two showers and a pair of exquisite gold sinks.

Is it too much?

Stepping out from the suite we descended to our own pool area, complete with 2 dining/seating areas an infinity pool and whirlpool.

The Pool Area – Panoramic Suite at Chévre D’or Eze

To infinity, and relax

Combined this suite was bigger than many apartments I’ve rented!

Staying at the Chèvre D’Or

There was something very special about slipping past the crowds and back into this luxury oasis of a hotel. The small but perfect grounds were ours to stroll around as we took pictures or sipped a cocktail on one of the many terraces. The staff were so helpful ensuring we were so well looked after.

Full Moon Over Eze

One of the real treats was the option to slip into the village late at night, when all but the locals had gone home. Walking around these deserted medieval streets gave us a rare feeling of what it might have been like so many years ago.

Chévre D’or at Night

Dining at Le Chèvre D’Or

The chateau has two main restaurants and a poolside cafe for lunch. ‘Les Ramperts’ is the principle restaurant serving Bistro style food as you look out to sea. Breakfast for hotel guests includes a generous continental buffet with options for Asian and British diets !

Lunch here is wonderful, just basking in the sunshine whist you devour entrecôte & frites and maybe just one more bottle or Rosé.

For us, it was dinner that was the standout. Arriving just before sunset, we sat enjoying three courses of delicious food whilst watching gather sun set and the lights go on across the bay and over to Nice.

We had planned to eat here once, try the 2 Michelin Starred La Chèvre d’Or Gourmet Restaurant and find a find a local eatery for the final night. But we loved Les Ramperts so much we ate there twice!

For our special dinner we chose the tasting menu upstairs at the Gourmet Restaurant. Whilst the food and the view were incredible, I think Les Ramperts had it for us. I’ll write up another post on the food!

Amuse Bouche at the Gourmet Restaurant

Living with Rock Stars in the South of France

Eze Village It is not to be confused with Eze Sur Mer, down by the sea. The village is situated between Nice and Monaco and offers visitors a chilled atmosphere and stunning scenery. It Is also home to Bono, The Edge and Larry Mullen who bought up houses in the late Eighties. Bono’s historic chateau, known as “the Fortress” originally built in the 15th century and has been restored and modernised by Bono and his wife Ali Hewson.

The hilltop village is also close to other rock royalty or chapters in rock history. To the East was the old recording studio of ‘Super Bear’ (in Super Berre) which played host to Pink Floyd, Kate Bush and Queen – in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The late Richard Wright of Pink Floyd’ used to own a beautiful place in Le Rouret back towards Grasse. Elton John still has a “summer house” outside Nice, whilst the infamous Villa Nellcote, where the Stones recorded Exile on Main Street is a short cab diversion when you head back to Nice. In fact Bill Wyman still has a place over in Vence. I sat next on the table next to him at dinner one time over at La Colombe D’Or – but that’s a story for another day.

Getting to Chèvre D’or

Eze is best reached by car, with a taxi from Le Negresco costing around 80 Euros. The journey is quite normal for the taxi drivers so you don’t need to book ahead – but you will need to for the return journey.

The costs are eye watering but if you truly want to live like a rock star for the weekend, its worth every penny!


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