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Chatsworth Visitors in front of the house

Chatsworth House is one of my favourite grand houses in the UK. A trip to Derbyshire is never complete without time at Chatsworth House, it’s beautiful parkland or at least a trip to the farm shop and Cafe.

In mid August we ventured once again to enjoy all that is to offer at Chatsworth.  The hot weather meant the water cascade and Emperor fountain were switched on late, so it was fun to watch as the water started to trickle down the steps. We weren’t the only ones waiting to catch the water. 

My handsome nephew!

It took a lot longer than I expected, so there was plenty of time to grab some shots! 

The Emperor Fountain, also powered by this cascade was not at its highest, but it was still fab to see it. I liked seeing the actors in period costume walking around and, stopping for photos.

Walking around the garden, we turned a corner to see this organ player, who kindly let me have a go. You’ll see and hear my attempts to play the organ. If you note the music slows down and speeds up, that was me realising it’s not as easy as it looks! Thanks to Graham, from Cooke & Sons Traditional Organ Grinders to let me loose on it! 

The Duke and Duchess have these wonderful ‘long dog’ statues in the private area of the garden. I love seeing them and do think they are multiplying every time I visit. 

Chatsworth Dog Statues

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