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Coffee in the library

About half way up the A470 on our trip on our Snowdonia road trip North towards the Bodysgallen Hotel & Spa is the town of Bulith Wells. Standing at the confluence of the River Wye and the River Irfon, in the Welsh (or Upper) section of the Wye Valley this small town has grown from its strategic position crossing the river, somewhere you cannot miss travelling North or South.

Looking NorthWhat you can’t see in these river pictures was the sheer volume and noise of traffic on this bridge behind me. It took me about five minutes just to cross the road because this is the only bridge to cross the river at this point. Interestingly as you drive North you cross the River Wye two or three times, from a flowing river up to a small stream as you chase towards the river’s origin.

Llywelyn Mural Bullith Wells

Naturally, I had to stop and take pictures and learn a little more about the mural. It depicts the final days of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the last native Prince of Wales.

Now in Wales, a ‘Cwtsh’ means a cuddle so we popped in for a coffee but sadly they were out of cuddles. Still this was a charming cafe filled with the aromas of freshly roasted coffee and home cooked food. The seating options varied from small sofas, which we took, to table seating and upright chairs. In short it had an eclectic charm and comfort.

Coffee in the library

My daughter and me!

We were only here for a short time but fell in love with the cafe and hope to return sometime soon.

Additional point – the loos were outside, which was a little chilly in November. But it did we mean we found more murals. This one would not have looked out of place in a mediterranean fishing village!


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