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Nata and co Portugese Bakery

I asked my Uber driver for food recommendations around Cardiff. It was my second weekend in the city and I was still finding my culinary feet.

Opposite the castle, he said, was the most wonderful Portuguese bakery that we must try. This Cardiff institution was home to the famous Portuguese Custard Tarts. To be honest, I’d never heard of and certainly not tasted a Portugese custard tart so it had to go on the list.

After a big Sunday breakfast (thanks Park Plaza!) and a stroll around the castle, we felt it was only fair to grab a coffee and tart in ‘Nata & Co’. Oh boy.

Coffee and Custard

Officially known as the ‘Pastel De Nata’, the Custard Tart is a simple tart casing filled with delicious mix of egg yolks, creamy mile, vanilla extracts and sugar. Poured into the casing the custard sets lightly giving you a beautifully moist snack.

We meant to take a picture of the actual tarts on the plate but they went too quickly!

The Cafe, Nata & Co. is relatively new to Cardiff but seems popular with the locals. As you step in you are greeted with the smell of tarts, fresh coffee and a warm welcome from the [I assume] Portuguese staff. The whitewashed walls have been decorated with bright murals reflecting their distinctive yellow branding.

The tarts look to be made fresh every day and don’t hang around too long! They also offer a fair range of sandwiches and other baked goods but to be honest, I couldn’t see past the tarts.

We’ll be back in Cardiff soon and this will *definitely* be on the list for repeat visits!

Nata & Co have three locations in Cardiff – Castle Street, Bute Street and Clifton Street.


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