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Beatles Socks

We’ve just celebrated Father’s Day here in England. But what do you give the father who has most things? I think this year, my daughter surpassed herself.

Socks. Yes Socks. But not any kind of socks… Yellow Submarine socks from Happy Socks! Beatles SocksI’m a fan of Yellow Submarine (I completed the Yellow Submarine Lego last year) and I had seen these socks advertised before, but never considered buying them. She had bought me the gift box set of three different pairs in a box shaped like an EP record sleeve, with the iconic Yellow Submarine on the front. The socks in the pack are ‘Pepperland’, ‘Yellow Submarine’ and ‘Monsters’, each featuring a different element of the film.

Yellow Submarine Socks

I love them and have already packed them for my upcoming Alaska Cruise. I think they will look just dandy as a flash of colour for those black tie dinners.

But that wasn’t all she got me for Father’s Day. She found me a ‘Hotel California’ keyring. Of course there isn’t actually a Hotel California but I liked the inspiration for it. (you can find similar keyrings on Etsy and other places)

Thankyou darling, for my wonderful Father’s Day Gifts!

Random Fact for you – The voices, of the Beatles, in the Yellow Submarine film were not the fab four’. They had hoped to use this film to honour their contract for delivering movies but it was rejected by the management because they didn’t actually feature in it. Their last film was to become the rooftop sessions for Let it Be. (I learnt that from the excellent Beatles Walking tour in Liverpool that starts by the Beatles Statue on Pier Head.)


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