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Inhaler at the Norwich LCR

Inhaler took to the stage at the Nick Raynes LCR to a crowd buzzing with anticipation for the band’s live performance.

Support was from Coventry band, ‘FEET’ (Kinda like a funky Pulp), that sounded great live in with a thumping bass, and energetic performance from lead singer George Haverson – definitely a band to check out.

FEET supporting Inhaler at the LCR

At 9pm the Dublin band took to the stage, launching straight into tracks from their latest album “Cuts & Bruises”, getting us all jumping with ‘These are the Days’ .

The Dublin band, consisting of Elijah Hewson (U2 Bono’s son) on vocals and guitar, Josh Jenkinson on guitar, Rob Keating on bass, and Ryan McMahon on drums have been compared to Joy Division and the Strokes. For me they are more upbeat than Joy Division and more tuneful than the Strokes.

The place was rammed – from the bar to the stage this was the most packed i’ve ever seen the LCR – a good mix of yoots and older folks like me, all joined in excitement for the Dublin band. The energy in the room was palpable as Inhaler showcased their impressive musicianship, particularly evident in Hewson’s soaring vocals and Ryan’s intricate guitar riffs. The band’s tight-knit rhythm section, anchored by Rob’s driving bass lines and McMahon’s propulsive drumming, added a powerful backbone to the sound.

Elijah Hewson looks like his da!

In addition to new tracks like “Just to keep you satisfied” and “So Far So Good”, Inhaler also played a number of fan-favourite tracks from their debut album “It Won’t Always Be Like This”, including the infectiously catchy “My Honest Face” and the anthemic closing track “It Won’t Always Be Like This”. One of the highlights of the night was the my favourite, “Dublin in Ecstasy”, a standout track from “Cuts & Bruises”. The song’s driving rhythm and catchy hooks had the crowd singing along, adding to the already electric feeling.

A Triptych showing Elija Hewson in shadow on stage
Elijah Hewson – almost channeling Robert Smith vibes with these silhouettes!

Inhaler stand on their own feet, their success comes from a tight band, some great lyrics and catchy songs. I couldn’t help notice how Elijah not only looked like his dad, Bono, but how he held his guitar, and how he carried himself. He is a talent to watch.

The Nick Raynes LCR, named after a former student of the university, provided the perfect setting for Inhaler’s performance. The sound quality was excellent, with every instrument and vocal clearly audible in the mix. The venue’s intimate size allowed for a close-up and personal experience, making the audience feel like they were a part of the performance.

Inhaler’s performance at the Nick Raynes LCR was a testament to the band’s rising popularity and talent. Their impressive musicianship and catchy tracks are sure to make them a mainstay in the indie rock scene. With their captivating live performance and impressive discography, Inhaler is a band to keep an eye on in the years to come.

As my first concert of the year, this was a strong start. Like Panic! At the Disco, I look forward to following them on a journey from small gigs to arena spectacles in the coming years!

Inhaler Tour Dates

The band will be on the road for most of this year (2023), heading out to Canada before coming back to the UK for a string of summer gigs. Find out more.


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