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Truelove's Gutter

Truelove’s Gutter is the fantastic 6th album from Singer-Songwriter Richard Hawley. The album title refers to an old street in his native Sheffield. Allegedly it was named after 18th-century innkeeper Thomas Truelove, who used to charge local people to dump their rubbish in the gutter in the street which then flowed down to the River Don. The location is now thought to be the location of present-day Castle Street.

This wasn’t the only album title that references local landmarks. Hollow Meadows, Coles Corner and Lady’s Bridge are also Sheffield landmarks.

The album itself is just beautiful. Calling it ‘dark’ would not do justice to this warm, melancholy and beautiful album. Switch off the lights and let the opening notes of the first track wash over you.

“As the dawn breaks
Over roof slates
Hope hung on every washing line
As your heart aches
Over life’s fate
I know we never had much time”


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