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Resort Valle Dell'Erica Thalasso & Spa Swimming Pool

Resort Valle Dell’Erica Thalasso & Spa is a luxury hotel complex situated on the Northern tip of Sardinia. Originally, the Resort Valle Dell’Erica was two hotels neighbouring each other that have now formed to become an all-in-one large hotel & spa.

Resort Valle Dell'Erica Thalasso

Located about 90 minutes drive North of Olbia airport (one of the two airports on the island), the hotel is set on an expanse of land overlooking the sea and towards Corsica at the North of the island. Located in a wild nature reserve, the hotel and spa stretch across many acres with low rise accommodation and sea views for everyone.

The Two Hotels – Valle Dell’Erica & Licciola

There is still evidence of the two hotels. There are two entrances; one for each hotel and a cluster of buildings around each hotel, including reception, restaurants, swimming pool, and bar.

Younger families seem to stay around Dell’Erica whilst families with older kids, or couples will centre around Licciola. Whilst it only takes about five minutes to meander between the two areas, it does mean that you feel like it is a different place.

Chilling Poolside at Resort Valle Dell’Erica Thalasso

The two main pools are saltwater with usually enough beds to go round. Whilst the pools differ slightly at each centre, they both comprise of one major pool and a few ‘minor’ pools which give each area some interest, excitement for the kids or space for the grown-ups.

Poolside at Valle Dell Erica

The Licciola pool also has a swim up bar and tables for light lunch. An additional swimming pool on top of the Licciola building will give you an amazing view and some peace!

Resort Valle Dell'Erica Thalasso & Spa Swimming Pool

The resort also has an extensive private beach area, with changing facilities and a ‘pop up bar’ as well as a few smaller coves that offer loungers and lifeguards.

Bedrooms at Resort Valle Dell’Erica

Bedrooms at Resort Valle Dell'Erica Thalasso & Spa

Almost all the bedrooms across the resort are in small ‘clusters’ of two or three ‘bungalows’ at ground level, with plenty of space between the clusters. The views are almost all out to sea, across a private terrace with a shaded front entrance set back from the main paths.

The spacious rooms include a very comfy bed, with firm pillows, two large wardrobes with plenty of hangers and a ledge/desk area.

The large bathroom includes two showers, two sinks and loads of products!

Thick walls and considerate positioning means the rooms are very peaceful.

Wifi access is promised across the resort but whilst we could see the network, we couldn’t actually ‘use’ the wifi for Internet access. My Vodafone network worked fine as a personal hotspot whilst other networks (EE & O2) worked in the main reception buildings.

Dining at Resort Valle Dell’Erica Thalasso & Spa

Dining options are well covered. There are officially 7 restaurants on site but not all of them are open every night.

The two principle buffets are fantastic and you could easily spend the week eating here without getting bored. The sheer amount and variety of food on offer is incredible. For dinner you can choose the Dell Erica buffet has with family-friendly options, including chips, whilst Licciola is a little more advanced.

Additionally, you can choose from an authentic Sardinian restaurant set up the hill, which looks amazing but is meat only so no veggies! A Greek style restaurant was available and two fish restaurants. La Prua restaurant is one of the fish options (the other is on the beach) which is extra and frankly not worth it. (the only bum note of the holiday.)

The rooftop bar (in Licciola) was super cool. You could sit there as the sun came down and listen to a local band (who were fantastic) or DJ playing relaxed beach music. The bar staff looked after you expertly and this became our nightly ritual.

Rooftop Bar atResort Valle Dell'Erica

A wide selection of drinks are available, which can be extra to your half board tariff and we found the local wines to be delicious without the hefty price tag.

Service at Resort Valle Dell’Erica Thalasso & Spa

We read some Tripadvisor reviews after we had booked which got us worried. But we shouldn’t have been. Overall the service here was fantastic. We got to know the staff who looked after us every day.  Angela looked after us at breakfast and dinner whilst Davide, Fernando and Francesco looked after us in the bar. We arrived late( 24:00) on the first night and found three plates of fresh food waiting for us – this was a great example of their service and attention.

We had such a great time that we are already talking about coming back.

Top Tips:

If you are driving to the hotel, make sure you know which part you are in. Erica and Licciola have different gates and car parks which is confusing late at night. The road from the main highway to the hotel can be bumpy and the hotel signs are not well lit at night. Both hotels are on Google maps so check which one you are heading to.

The local town of Porto Pozzo has two supermarkets and a fantastic ice cream shop. If you head down to the waterfront you will find a wonderful Pizzeria, if you fancy lunch out or a change for dinner.

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Hotel Review Resort Valle Dell'Erica Thalasso & Spa


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