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Chateau Marmont in the Sunshine

The Chateau Marmont is one of the most iconic and storied hotels in Hollywood. Located on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, this French chateau-style hotel has been a favourite destination for Hollywood celebrities and rock stars since it opened its doors in 1929. Over the years, it has become known for its luxurious amenities, exceptional service, and scandalous history.

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Movies featuring Chateau Marmont

Chateau Marmont Location & Address

An iconic ‘Rock & Roll landmark’ in Los Angeles, it was first on my list of hotels for our Desert Trip back in 2016.

Built in 1929, the Chateau Marmont was designed by architect Arnold A. Weitzman and modelled after a small French castle. The hotel’s stunning architecture and prime location on Sunset Boulevard quickly made it a popular destination for Hollywood celebrities and the elite. The Chateau Marmont’s discreet entrance, hidden behind a nondescript door and garage, adds to its allure and exclusivity.

The hotel’s scandalous history began in the golden era of Hollywood, when stars would retreat to the Chateau Marmont to misbehave and escape the paparazzi. Over the years, it has been associated with countless Hollywood legends, including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, and many others. The Chateau Marmont has also hosted rock stars such as Michael Hutchence, Led Zeppelin, and Jim Morrison, who famously fell off a balcony and nearly died during his stay.

Despite its reputation as a rock n roll playground, anyone can stay at the Chateau Marmont. We checked in for a few nights after our stay in Desert Springs.

The staff greeted us politely but coolly, as if treating us with the same lack of fuss they have become accustomed to when serving famous stars. This was a little off putting as the normal LA service, like our check in with the London Hotel, is over the top and super helpful.

Chateau Marmont Rooms

The Chateau Marmont has 63 rooms split between the main building and the poolside bungalows. We opted for a Junior Suite, which included two bedrooms, a small bathroom, a kitchen, and an ample living room. The bedrooms were cozy and comfortable, although comparatively small to modern LA standards. Each room had a large dresser, a little wardrobe, and generously sized comfortable beds. There was a little kitchen and bathroom that looked like something out of the eighties.

One of the most impressive features of our Junior Suite was the living room. This vast room included a large desk for writing, a deep sofa, chairs, and a flat-screen TV. The suite also had a fantastic speaker system that allowed us to plug in and blast out some tunes, such as “Hotel California,” a classic song often wrongly associated with the Chateau Marmont.

The room decor was pretty bland, which was underwhelming on first inspection. However I think the average Chateau guest checks in for long stays, so this ‘bland’ is actually a blank canvas for them to make their own.

The Desk and Stereo

The Chateau Marmont’s restaurant, which is open to the public with advance bookings, offers upmarket comfort food in a relaxed and private setting. The menu features great burgers, Mac n’ cheese, French fries, and more. In the summer, the restaurant spills out onto an open terrace area backing onto the bar. Diners are actively encouraged not to take photos to ensure the privacy of all guests.

The hotel’s location on Sunset Boulevard is perfect for anyone looking to explore the city. LA landmarks like The Rainbow Bar, The Whisky, and the Troubadour are all located nearby, while heading east will take you to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Capitol Records.

One of the most notable events associated with the Chateau Marmont was the death of John Belushi in 1982. Belushi, who was staying at the hotel, died from a drug overdose in one of the Chateau’s villas. The incident shocked the world and brought national attention to the hotel. Since then, the Chateau Marmont has become even more iconic and synonymous with Hollywood excess and glamour.

Staying at the Chateau Marmont today, you may see pictures of famous people on the walls, but you won’t find any celebrations of the antics seen over the years. What goes on at the Chateau stays at the Chateau, and the staff are known for being discreet and professional. Although the hotel may not offer the same level of luxury as some of the newer properties in LA, its history and charm make it a unique and unforgettable destination.

In conclusion, my stay at the Chateau Marmont was a dream come true. As a lover of rock music and Hollywood history, there was no better place to stay in LA. The hotel’s rich history, location, and luxurious amenities make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to experience a piece of Hollywood history. Whether you’re a rock star or a normal person like me, the Chateau Marmont is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the city’s iconic landmarks and immerse themselves in its glamorous past. A true rock star hotel.

Chateau Marmont – in the Movies

Somewhere - Movie at Chateau Marmont

Movies & Chateau Marmont are synonymous. This infamous retreat is not just renown for the movie stars that have stayed (and died) there but also as an iconic location for movie scenes.

Daisy Jones & The Six (2023)
OK not strictly a movie but it’s a great mention here! In episode 4 Daisy moves into the Chateau Marmont to find company. In the episode we see the famous frontage, and watch Daisy walk around the pool area of the Chateau.

Daisy Jones enters Chateau Marmont

Based on the book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones & The Six tells the story of a fledgling band (The Six) and an upcoming Singer Songwriter (Daisy) coming together to become a huge selling group. There are definitely shades and sounds of Fleetwood Mac in there! In the episodes we see plenty LA landmarks including The Whisky and The Troubadour – as well as the Chateau!

Somewhere – Sofia Coppola (2010)

Much of Sofia Coppola’s 2010 movie is set in the Chateau. Actor Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff) kills time living at Chateau Marmont. Like most Sofia Coppola movies, this one takes its time to unfold the story. That means we see plenty of time in his rooms, the corridors and more. The movie poster features the two lead characters, poolside at the Chateau.

La Property site Curbed details that room 59 is where most of the scenes were filmed. Somewhere – on IMDB.

La La Land – Damien Chazelle (2016)

The whole movie is like a love letter to Los Angeles and Jazz. Mia’s home – five years later. Chateau Marmont features on screen at the end of the film, we see Mia enjoying her new home, a Chateau villa. You only see a few seconds but, for me, it was a perfect nod to another piece of LA history. La La Land – on IMDB.

A Star is Born – Bradley Cooper (2018)

Another ‘blink and you’ll miss it cameo for the Chateau. As Ally (Gaga) gets ready in her hotel for one of her shows, Jack (Cooper) shows her the enormous “ALLY” billboard on Sunset.The billboard, situated right outside the chateau was used in real life to promote the movie.

Myra Breckinridge (Michael Sarne) 1970

Based on the novel from Gore Vidal, this story focuses on a young woman who comes to Hollywood to become an actress. The young actress stays at, and parties in Chateau Marmont. For more about this movie, check out the in-depth article here (or skip to the bit about the Chateau on page 12.) You can also find some excellent stills of the late Raquel Welch at the Chateau during filming on Dave’s Blog. Myra Breckinridge – on IMDB.

The Doors – Oliver Stone (1991)

The Doors and Los Angeles will always be linked. Their album covers and songs reference different parts of Los Angeles (see more Rock n Roll Landmarks of Los Angeles).

The hotel makes a brief appearance in the movie when Jim Morrison tries to climb out of the window onto the roof. This incident allegedly took place but at the Riot House, not the Chateau. The Doors – on IMDB.

Almost Famous – Cameron Crowe (2000)

Crowe’s semi-autobiographical story of the young journalist and the rock band Stillwater takes in many of LA’s rock landmarks, including the band checking into the Hyatt/Riot House and time at Chateau Marmont. Almost Famous- on IMDB.

Four Rooms- Quentin Tarantino (1995)

A movie set in a fictional Los Angeles hotel, Four Rooms is actually 4 films in one. Much of the internal scenes for the movie were filmed at Chateau Marmont. Four Rooms – on IMDB.

Laurel Canyon – Lisa Cholodenko (2002)

A newlywed couple moves to LA to further their careers. As the film is focused around the Canyon so you can expect to see some scenes from the Chateau. Laurel Canyon – on IMDB.

Echo in the Canyon (2019)

This new movie looks at how musical groups such as The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, and The Mamas & the Papas birthed the beginnings of the Laurel Canyon music scene and how the echo of these artists’ creations reverberated across the world.

The movie is only released in the USA, but I would expect to see the Chateau appearing somewhere. I will update once the movie is released here in the UK. Echo in the Canyon

Chateau Marmont Address & Directions

Address: 8221 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA. You can find it off Marmont Lane.

Nearest Bus Stops: Crescent Heights/Sunset (route 218)


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