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Street Art Austin - Wille Nelson

I’m a big fan of street art. Particularly in sunny climes where the large canvasses and bold colors work so much better than here in the UK. ‘m not sure if it is the weather, or the culture that breeds these large canvasses but you don’t get anything comparable here at home.

On my last visit to Austin Texas, I loved the huge wall covering murals that cropped up in the most unexpected places both in the ‘downtown’ area of the city and over the water into South Congress which seemed to be ripe with Street Art and oversized decoration.

Willie Nelson for President is on a cross section in South Congress. I only just caught it before my Uber arrived! South Congress is a bohemian area south of the River which is famous for funky independent shops and great wall art.

The Gibson Guitars were part of an installation from 2006. The company launched Austin GuitarTown, a public arts project featuring as many as 50 10-foot tall fiberglass Gibson guitars painted by visual artists and celebrities. The project  also featured several showcase Gibson Les Paul guitars. The show ended a long time ago and most of the guitars were auctioned off for charity. I saw only two on my travels around the city but apparently there are many more in the airport.


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