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I am delighted to share my first ever music show. In this first edition of Discovery I have collated some of the best songs that I have found over the past month or so. I aim to create a new show at the end of each month, featuring the best of my new finds in that period.

You can expect a mixture of brand new tracks and emerging artists to vintage songs stretching back into the decades. The songs tracks are new music that I have discovered along the way. I may have found them on social media, heard it on the radio or even in a shop or bar. These songs are the best of my recent finds.

Show Notes

Sunrise, The Hydra

Our opening track, Sunrise by The Hydra feels like it could be from a California band Sunrise. The fantastic bass line  and vocals really feels like it belongs in a song from out West – maybe LA or into the Desert. It could easily be a track from Kyuss or Queens of the Stone Age from Palm Desert in California, or indeed the Red Hot Chilli Peppers from Los Angeles.

But this threesome is from Liverpool which has had its fair share of musical influence and success. The heads of Hydra as they call them are Isaac Roberts on vocals, Amber Morris Clarkson on that fantastic Bass and Callum Price on the Drums. 

Death Rides a Black Horse, Saint Agnes

Delivering Psychedelic Rock and Roll from East London, this track ‘Death Rides a Black Horse’ was taken from their 2018 EP, the Death or Glory Gang. I was caught by this track as the opening would be right at home in a Sergio Leone Western. Saint Agnes Lead Singers Kitty and Jon trade tormented tales of lamentation, love and loathing over the thunderous rhythm section of Andy on Drums and Ben on Bass.

Saint Agnes will be touring the UK in March so check them out if you want some more psychedelic rock in your life.

Slip Inside This House , 13th Floor Elevators

I loved this song, the way it just keeps motoring through and that electric jug providing rhythm. Anyway, you may recognise the lyrics. Slow this down and thrown in some more echo and you will recognise it from Primal Scream’s classic Screamadelica. This is the original ‘Step Inside this house’ by the 13th floor elevators.

The Elevators were one of the original psychedelic bands coming out of San Francisco. This was from their 1967 album ‘Easter Everywhere’. To put this into context 67 was right at the emergence of the psychedelic culture. Tom Wolfe’s book, the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test which documented Timothy Leary’s experiments with LSD wouldn’t be published for another year

Daddy Lessons, Beyoncé & Dixie Chicks

Beyoncê does country, with help from the Dixie Chicks. This came out in 2016 so I really am late to the party! Y’all know Beyonce but you may not be so familiar with the Dixie Chicks. A fantastic all girl –  country band from Texas, they have been recording great music since 1989 collecting 15 Grammy’s along the way. They rose to notoriety in 2003 when, at a London concert, they criticised the President George W Bush just days before the second Iraq invasion. Despite a positive reaction from the British crowd, US DJs and Talk Show hosts started to boycott the band and their music. Luckily nothing would happen like that today… [cough] . Check out their album, ‘Taking The Long Way’ to hear them at their best.

For My Eyes, Eloise Viola 

When I first became aware of Eloise, I  was expecting another pop song but instead I heard this amazing voice!

Eloise Viola

Brighton born Eloise took the practical route of grabbing a degree in psychology before focusing on her dream of becoming a singer songwriter like her idols Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse. ‘For My Eyes’ is her first single and I can’t wait to hear more!

Lion Eyes, Beth // James

Beth James Band

Beth // James had a fantastic 2018 , their single ‘Wasted on Sundays’ was met with great acclaim as they toured across America. This 2017 single, Lion Eyes was included in Spike Lee’s movie Black Klansman, which is pretty cool. They are working on some new material so hopefully we’ll get some more music soon.

I Still Want You, Richard Hawley

After playing in the Longpigs and a stint touring with Pulp, Richard Hawley focused on releasing his own solo albums. They all contain this wistful melancholy tone that just draws you in.

This song was taken from his 2015 album Hollow Meadows. Richard likes to name his albums after locations around his birthplace of Sheffield. Hollow Meadows is a small village outside the city whilst previous albums have fantastic real names like Cole’s Corner Truelove’s Guitar and Standing at the Sky’s Edge . You may also recognise Richard from his turn on ‘The Fix’ from Elbow’s classic album ‘The Seldom Seen Kid.’

Almost Persuaded, Swing Out Sister

You could be forgiven for thinking that was a Dusty Springfield number from the sixties. But it’s not. Released in 2017. ‘Almost Persuaded’ is  from the British band, Swing Out Sister. I just love this song. Formed in Manchester back in 1985, they rapidly rose to fame with their 1986 hit ‘Breakout’. This album ‘Almost Persuaded’ began as a crowd funded project back in 2014. Then called a ‘moveable feast’ on Pledge Music, it evolved to become this wonderful 2018 release.

Abusey Junction, KOKOROKO

We play out with some chilled Jazz from KOKOROKO – all caps and a piece called Abusey Junction from last year. They describe themselves so beautifully that I have to read you this. “We are a young, London based Afrobeat 8 piece, specialising in soul shaking, horn fuelled sound with West African Roots and Inner London hues.

What are you listening to right now? Let me know in the comments! 


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